At the foal show in Germany in 2014

Dominica is an utter babe! Born in Germany in 2014, she is by the very talented stallion Damon Hill. She was bred and continues to be owned by Dedi Leech, who sent her to me in September 2018.

She is the sweetest, most affectionate mare I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She loves to be brushed and cuddled and kissed and is a real people person.

I am very lucky that Dedi shares my views on the training ages and stages of young horses and as a result Dominica has been allowed to grow and mature at her own rate. She was backed in the Spring of her fourth year, turned away for the summer and arrived with me in September. When she arrived with me, she had a settling in period of a couple of weeks, before we started 5 weeks of light work, which mainly consisted of hacking a couple of times a week and a couple of short, 20 minute schooling sessions.

My ethos with the baby horses has always been about trying to educate without exhausting. I want to still be training and competing Dominica and all my young horses in 10 years time, hence why I believe in not starting them too early and pushing too hard.

When you look at the stages of equine skeletal development, it’s pretty scary to see that the bit we sit on, is the last bit to develop! Whilst all horses are different and we all have different goals in mind, mine is very much to train this lovely girl with longevity in mind.

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