Getting back on the horse

The world of Dominica has been very quiet for the last four weeks. This is because I’ve decided to give up riding…………..just kidding! Things couldn’t have gone any better at her first show, well I could have scored 100%, but for where she was at, it was a solid start. She enjoyed two lovely days off in the sun afterwards and on the third day, her withers had grown an inch over night. In the days that followed every time I saw her she was lying flat out like a dead animal and so after a team talk, the decision was made to listen to what Dominica was saying and give her a holiday. She has worked hard since the New Year and come on in leaps and bounds in that time and so we decided to let her do her thing and get some growing done.

During the middle of her third week off, she not only suddenly looked like a hippo, she had also started to try and remind her little sister who was the boss and so sensing she was starting to feel rather well and refreshed after her stint laying about on the sofa, I decided it was time to get back to work.

I wasn’t too sure how getting back on would go, four weeks is the longest she’s had off since Christmas and she is definitely a fitter, stronger, more switched on athlete! She was of course perfect and seems to have picked up from exactly where she left off. She feels stronger, her neck is about a foot wider and she’s definitely come up naturally in front thanks to the magic of holiday. So far she’s done three days of hacking and I will continue easy work like this for at least another week, to help her body get back into the swing of things. A lot has changed physically for her in the last month and so I want to give her a chance to catch up with what her body has been up to, whilst her brain went on vacation. Its amazing to be back on and once again I’m super excited for the next chapter of our journey to get under way!

Dominica checking out her beautiful new dress from our sponsor Silvermoor. To check out their amazing products follow this link

I think the plan at the moment for the rest of the Summer is to get her established in the Novice work and get her Winter regional qualification rapped up before she has another holiday. That’s the vague provisional plan at least! We all know horses have their own mystery agenda!

Aimee x

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