The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

“I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed” – Robert H.Schuller

So here we are at the start of our new journey. I’ve been quite torn about doing this, as it’s no secret that I’ve not always been social media’s biggest fan. BUT, after some gentle nudging from some people I really respect, I have come to the stark realization that for fun, I pay for the privilege of being judged by doing dressage, so a phobia of being judged on social media is pretty dumb! Whilst I’m sure this latest venture will be judged by many, life is too short. Haters are always gonna hate. For those that choose to read on, I hope you find the tales of my exciting adventure interesting. No doubt It will be filled with disastrous attempts, mountainous speed bumps, hopefully the occasional red rosette and magnum of prosecco, and ultimately it will conclude with me achieving my ambitious goal.

Having produced and ridden a fair few horses now, from all walks of life and backgrounds, many with interesting behavioural tendancies. I am now unbelievably lucky to find myself in the hot seat of a very talented blank canvas. So I’ve been nudged by some figures of authority in my life, what better time to document the ultimate crystal encrusted dressage ladder, attempting to train a horse from Prelim to Grand Prix.

So, with VERY limited finances and even more basic resources, along with ALOT of help. I hope that me and my ginger best friend can embark on one of the equestrian worlds ultimate journeys, training from the bottom to the top.

I certainly am not undertaking this journey because I claim to know everything, I’m certainly no fountain of knowledge, which is why I think it will make for an interesting read! For sure times will get tough, but hopefully the lessons I learn along the way, may be of some interest and help to someone somewhere. And if it isn’t, well I’ll have done it anyway!

Aimee x

2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Anne Aspinall 8th Feb 2019 — 6:07 pm

    All new ideas/projects start with the first step, and you’re now off. Never ever having ridden a horse , a donkey yes but horses terrify me, you are not only a talented horsewoman but a very brave one too. You have the determination and the will to succeed, just keep safe while you’re on this journey 😘xx

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